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A self initiated platform by a group of young and talented Malaysian artists/designers who want to show their appreciation towards all the Covid-19 relief efforts including frontliners, delivery workers, healthcare workers, shoppers etc.

Our Works

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the #dudukrumahartist community

#Dudukrumahartists are a team of star-studded artists and designers. We draw portraits and do designing works for various industries. Every individual in the team comes from a different background ranging from architects, urban designer,  landscaper, muralist, event manager, lawyers, social media marketers, graphic designers, engineers and illustrators. Adding on to our team are autistic artists who draws beautiful portraits! Here, we welcome ANYONE to be in our community!





Queenie is a jobless and penniless architecture graduate who spends her time staying at home thinking of becoming a doer. Inspired by @Fahmireza ‘s #designmelawanCOVID19 movement, she came up with the idea of gathering a group of artists to raise funds with portraits, and thanks to her friend Mich @urbanstorybook who is actually doer, Duduk Rumah Artists is born!

Miich is an architectural & urban designer. She is a big fan of cities and loves sharing stories through her iconic doodles @urbanstorybook_. Thanks to her friend Queenie @q.dezigns, she has gotten this amazing opportunity to start the @dudukrumahartists plan, which fueled her with a lot of touching stories and inspirations throughout the journey! 

Melissa is a law student and also a freelance social media marketer who aspires to make a change in the society. Follow her on her @HelpUncleAunty movement to help physical stores to go online. The team aims to bring smiles to many more people by helping them to increase business revenue. Working behind the scenes of big projects is always more meaningful as you get to learn tonnes which is why she stay as an admin in both the projects!



Noryn pursued engineering as major but now working as a Medical Sales who also love art and volunteering. She wishes that she could use her form of art to spread positivity and meaningful spirit to public.

Celine dreams of becoming an actress, But falls in love with art.

She is an architectural designer who spends most of her time observing people’s reactions and living habits that become an inspiration in her design or daily tiktok.


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